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My First Year at WhiteTrees

An absolute success story from one of our YR 8 pupils. Very proud of her achievements and of our amazing school.

My First Year at WhiteTrees. 

I have been at White Trees for a year now and I love it so much. It was a really good year at school, I will be in year 9 next year, I have improved so much that I am moving into a classroom with more people. Overall, it has been a really amazing year for me, I have made so many friends. I love WhiteTrees. 

One of my best days at White Trees was when I went to the London science museum, with one of my best friends, it was so much fun we saw a lot of things together, it was super hot in there! We saw space and the moon, there were holographs they were big so we could see the detail. 

This term I sprained my ankle so I couldn’t do my gym activities, but I did art instead. At first, I was sad, but I was happy because I could do art with Paul, and my best friend. I made Slytherin stuff, a poster, a drawing and a badge. I am looking forward to being in a classroom with other people, a new teacher, and different teachers. I am not nervous about anything, I am really excited, I will make more friends, I will see my favourite teacher JoJo who I met last year. I will miss one of the students because he is very funny. I will miss Helene, but I will get to see her on Thursdays which is good! I will miss another pupil because he is my friend and also funny. 

I am really really really really proud of myself, I have done so much this year! I have improved a lot of things, I did my times tables, I will be doing division next year. Maths was hard for me but now I rock it! I will miss my favourite teacher Pippa, but I will be happy for her, we are both doing amazingly! 

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