Our way of keeping in touch to provide a continuous support framework for past residents

We believe that every young person can progress toward adulthood with a positive outlook on life if they are given the right amount of support, love, encouragement, and nurturing.

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step”

At WhiteTrees – SureCare, we believe that, if we set our young people on their journey with the right support and knowledge, no matter how many setbacks or obstacles they may face, they can move forward and fulfil their dreams.

Our family provides for the occasions when either a level of support or help to refocus is needed or to hold events and get-togethers to stay in touch with our young people who no longer live in our homes and hear how they have been progressing their particular life’s path.

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Our role in the WhiteTrees Group

We commit to continue to support young people throughout their life’s journey, once they leave WhiteTrees – SureCare’s care system. We provide an opportunity for our young people not only to stay in touch with us but also those whom they shared their time with whilst in our care.


Each year we hold a Christmas party where we look forward to an opportunity to get together and celebrate and share achievements. We are so proud to meet and get to know the children of our young people who have become parents themselves. We also hold a Summer bar-b-que fun day.

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