Stories from former residents, pupils and families

Over the years we have had the pleasure of meeting many young people, pupils and their parents or guardians, some of them have taken the time to reflect on their stay with us at SureCare Residential and at the WhiteTrees school, here are a few of the letters we have received.

A message received for one of our young people that has just moved to Semi Independence

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything that you have done for me and I really do appreciate all the times you were there I’m not going to sit here and say that this is a goodbye because it isn’t I hope you know that I will miss you very much and I want you all to know that I’m only a phone call away and also thank you for letting me have a takeaway on my last night.

August 2023

Fantastic feedback for Lymington Lodge

We have been so impressed with every thing that we have seen, there is clearly very genuine care for your young people both Zoe and Liam have gone over and above to making the transition as smooth as possible for these children and I feel assured that they are finally in the best place they can be in order to recover from what they have been through.

Feedback from a Social Worker
August 2023

Social Worker

Lymington Lodge continues to exemplify creative and new strategies to be able to safeguard my young person who is complex. This is through trauma-informed practice and ensuring they communicate collaboratively to ensure there is a team/collective approach. Lymington Lodge’s quality of care and support is high and consistent. The Home offers a suitable space for all those living/working there, the spaces feel safe and home-like. Communication and partnership work excellently. Lymington Lodge has made a significant positive impact on the young person living there, transforming her trauma and adverse experiences through genuine, care, love, guidance and recovery.

February 2023

This testimonial is from an external therapist that has been working with us since 2021

I have for some time been heavily involved with Pathways. I’ve always found the Home to be really good they are open and communicate well. I’m always impressed with how well the staff have got to know the young people. The Home welcomes my input and advice, this has included suggesting some resources that will help guide young people through issues such as puberty and ADHD. I have always had confidence in the Home’s approach to safeguarding children and young people and feel that the safeguarding culture is second to none. Pathways provide a space where young people feel secure, they are able to grow and express their own identities. In spite of being ‘looked after’, the team work well to create a family environment. They enjoy a wide range of activities and speak positively about these experiences at our sessions. The Home actively enriches the lives of the children. I have seen the positive impact that this has had in promoting young people’s sense of identity, security and safety. One of the real strengths is the quality of the leadership, they treat children individually and are strong at meeting children’s complex needs. I really feel that no detail is too small for them. I have a great deal of respect for the team to provide great care for children who are really well looked after. Former SureCare resident.

External Therapist 2023

Fantastic feedback for Clevedon House

We love the care and support provided at Clevedon, staff have been so welcoming and nothing has been too much trouble, the team have been amazing. Communication has been really good, excellent in fact. They have already given our young person stability and routine, and the staff want to work with him and there is a totally different vibe from where he was placed previously. Staff put in 110% and we cannot recommend them highly enough. We are 100% reassured that the team will keep him safe, we were very concerned about this, but the way that they handled the transition has been really reassuring. There is nothing that they could have done better, it feels so positive. The real strengths has been the level of communication. They do this so well and take it step by step at our pace. Although it has been a short time, what we have seen so far, we know he is going to be happy here. Our young person has even told us that we have picked the right place.

Family Feedback for Reg 44
August 2023

Fantastic feedback for Clevedon House

Clevedon have been absolutely amazing from the start, ** is a very challenging young person and was having daily incidents, they have already shown that they can manage him. He has stated how happy he is living at Clevedon. There is great communication and we have had lots of meetings through which they have ensured that they know and understand his needs. I have been very impressed, every possible detail is covered, and they really understand his needs. The support before he even moved in was excellent and helped overcome his fears and anxieties of moving so far. Communication is very good, and they are fully engaging and insightful in all discussions. I have been very satisfied with the way that they have kept him safe. The family have also fed back how reassured they have been as a result of their meeting with the team. I can think of nothing that they could improve upon, the real strength seen so far has been the communication and the speed at which they were able to build a relationship with **, which actively contributed to his smooth transition to Clevedon.

Social Worker Feedback for Reg 44
August 2023

Social Worker

I have had nothing but a positive experience with WhiteTree’s. I have been the young person’s Social Worker for 10 months and she has been placed there since November. The communication and reports are very comprehensive, and well written and staff are trauma-informed in their work. The home is welcoming, as are the staff. The therapeutic package is the best that I have seen with a provider and the manager has been a real advocate for the young person they are working with the therapist to explore trauma, intervention and additional assessments that are needed. They respond to requests, and action parts of the plan and communicate any incidents, weekly reports and contact reports in a timely manner. They have been really child-centred in rewards, i.e. supported my young person with a make-up course when she did really well at school. They are really clear about boundaries but tailor their work to the young person and their needs, adapting where they need to. There have been no safeguarding concerns with my young person or any that I am aware of. I would absolutely recommend this provider and feel that the costs are reasonable in line with what they offer.

September 2022

Former resident’s testimonial and letter of thanks on leaving SureCare

To Surecare

Thank you so much for getting me to where I am now, without all of your help I would never have got as far as I am.

I understand that when I first turned up at SureCare I was mischievous, and I would take two steps backwards not forwards and would go back down my old path. Having been here for almost 12 months everyone has seen all my different moods and craziness and all my laugh and jokes especially my clumsiness, like walking into a door frame, falling out of a tree, falling up and down the stairs and just falling over nothing.

Thank you to all the staff who have helped and supported me when I needed it most and thank you for fighting to get me into college so I can achieve my goal to become a Police Officer, I appreciate everything.

If people asked me over a year ago ‘where do you think you’ll be in 12 months’ I would have probably just laughed and not given an answer. I would never have expected to be where I am now, and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I will never forget all the laughable, fantastic, childish memories we have made over the time I have been at SureCare.

Thank you for teaching me a lot of different things that I didn’t know achieving things I never thought I could achieve. Thank you so much.

I will miss not being with you all but not being woken up early each morning!

Please don’t cry too much and don’t miss me too much.

Goodbye and thank you so much!

Former SureCare resident

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