Property development and maintenance is an important and busy part of our business

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WhiteTrees Property

We not only have our houses and school buildings but also a head office that houses a suite of staff offices, provides space for recruitment, training and regular client meetings. To support this, we have a team of maintenance staff from builders to gardeners working daily on our properties.

Here you will find the WhiteTrees Properties role within the group, the services it provides, how we work and our property acquisition. 

Simon Barr

Support and maintaining standards

We provide the day to day support to maintaining standards the of our buildings within the WhiteTrees Group. We play a key role in the purchasing and converting of new buildings.

Services we provide

Out team provide 24/7 maintenance support, constantly maintaining and repairing our existing portfolio and on the lookout for more houses and buildings we can convert to WhiteTrees homes or schools.

How we work

Our team is headed by our founder who has an eye for detail. He constantly is on the lookout for property to convert and areas within the existing portfolio that can either be improved or just need a lick of paint or something replaced.

With the wide range of staff and equipment we have to hand our team is quick to react and as a result, our homes are maintained over and above the required standards.

Building Drywall Ceiling

Property acquisition

We are constantly on the lookout for suitable properties for us to acquire so we can expand our homes and school’s portfolio.

If you are a private owner or agent and have a property for sale that has 4, 5 or more bedrooms and stands in its own grounds either in Hertfordshire or Essex we would love to hear from you.