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We Believe In

WhiteTrees is a challenger in this market space, pushing boundaries in the ever-changing world of young people’s care and well-being, by preparing them for integration into wider society.

We encourage our young people and staff to be different, look at the world in many ways and think “outside of the conventional box” to succeed in building a brighter future for our young people and delivering a sense of belonging, not only for the duration of their stay but for life.

We have seen many young people come through our doors since 2008 and are proud of what our team have supported them to achieve. We provide a program of life skills that can provide social integration and enjoyment for our young people. We gain pleasure when those that have left us return and share their stories with the next generation of young people, thus creating the WhiteTrees – SureCare family.

We believe the phrase that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Everyone deserves the chance to succeed and we celebrate every achievement, no matter the size. We all need a path to follow in life and for many of us that path transcends hills and dales, we provide the map and the tools to help along that journey.

Staff and residents alike, to make a difference.
On each young person’s basic foundation.
Being part of the WhiteTrees-SureCare family for life.

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