our history

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Where it started

Having had his own childhood experience of living in residential care, our founder Simon Barr wanted to make a difference and has dedicated the majority of his working life to supporting vulnerable young people.

From a seed of an idea in 2008 that would see WhiteTrees – SureCare being established to support young people who have difficulty either socially, emotionally or need one to one support, we provide specialist care homes and education.

Simon has had help and support along his journey from the highly qualified management team he has put together and is proud of the way they are dedicated to the WhiteTrees vision.

WhiteTrees opened its first home, Thornbury, in 2008 and has since opened 4 more. WhiteTrees Independent school opened in 2013 to provide the specialist education needed for the home’s residents and the local authorities, with a second site opened in 2020. WhiteTrees have since made huge improvements within the portfolio of residential, education and are currently acquiring more property for conversion.

In 2020 we decided to develop our business further, widening our activity in the care sector to more readily support our Local Authorities, staff and young people in providing quality essential service.

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