What We Do

WhiteTrees provides specialist care and education for vulnerable young people

In providing these services we have developed a group structure managed by an experienced team to help us grow and continue to deliver a consistent quality of service.

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Director of Operations

Emma Barr

Emma is a leading care professional with over 25 years in the sector and childcare services, with excellent knowledge of Health and Safety management and administrative skills.

Emma has been instrumental from the beginning with WhiteTrees, more recently has played a major role in structuring our administrative department and creating, writing and implementing our care policies and invoicing procedures.

Building blocks

Our Company Structure​

We started our care homes as SureCare Residential in 2008, a name now well known in our area of expertise, one that has grown organically both with the services we offer and the specialist staff we employ.

We opened our school in 2013 as an educational facility to support our residents and local specialist needs and have since opened a second facility.

As we have developed further, and the number of residents has grown so did our need to provide more in-depth support and services. We have expanded by adding our wellbeing team, created an inhouse recruitment team and training facility. This has given rise to our evolution into becoming The WhiteTrees Group.

The WhiteTrees Group​

To help clarify our offering and for ease of understanding of our company structure we have created a range of departments which represent each of the specialist services we operate.

Since 2008 our business has evolved and grown, we have seen various support functions develop and created the business that we now know as the WhiteTrees Group. We have preserved the SureCare Residential and SureCare Family names as these are part of our original brand DNA, and core business.

Girls holding DNA model

The WhiteTrees Group experience is four dimensional:

  • Supporting our young people whilst in care and beyond.
  • Supporting our staff.
  • Ensuring our values and beliefs have an effect on the wider community.
  • Our young people become part of the lifelong WhiteTrees – SureCare family.

We support our young people by being:

  • Open and approachable in our working together.
  • We have a common end goal, and  all  play our part in delivery.
  • We share our in-depth views  and  experience from the breadth of knowledge we have accrued with  more than 10 key staff and 75 years of combined experience.

We teach our young people the skills to help with:

  • Character building.
  • Communication, self-help, use of own initiative, independence, resilience, belief in one’s self.
  • Practical life skill.
  • Basic work around the home, DIY, cooking, education. Leading to being employed.
  • Working as part of a team, listening, problem solving, basic leadership.

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