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SureCare Residential Grows into the WhiteTrees Group

Earlier this year we took time out to look at the SureCare business looking at how we could best communicate what we do and how best to serve our customers.

SureCare has grown into a significant player in the specialist area of young people’s care and education and in achieving this we have developed specialist areas of support within the business.

These specialisms include:

  • Residential care
  • Education services
  • Recruitment
  • Wellbeing
  • Property
  • SureCare family

Our logo was a branch or tree to signify from small acorn beginnings can grow great things, in our case trees.

We have evolved our brand and thinking to encompass our group activities and so the WhiteTrees Group has been born.

We feel that by having a logo for each area it makes it easier to recognise our activity and helps in promoting that part of the group’s activity.

We hope you like what we have done!

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