our brand and values

“The WhiteTrees-SureCare Family is for Life”

• We build brighter futures.
• It all starts with the environment.
• We believe nothing is impossible.
• We lead by example.
• Our actions speak louder than words.
• We communicate the small things.
• We would live in our homes.
• We accept young people for who they are.
• We don’t judge.
• We see the person not the behaviour.
• We show empathy not sympathy.
• We allow young people the time and space to find their identity.
• We provide a sense of belonging and an opportunity to invest, laying future foundations.
• We scaffold and support mindfully, we do not to attempt to replace significant family bonds.
• We privilege new experiences and opportunities.
• We promote safe risk taking for growth.
• We support and advocate social inclusion.
• We ensure our young people never leave but join our wider WhiteTrees SureCare family.

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